New site in development
Hi Folks,I am developing a new site that will show the stats / rank and achievements capabilities of ORC.  If there is any extra features you would like please let me know through the forums :)Ta ...
New Version 1.0.11 Released
In this release: -- Added a slider to set reflection map update rate- Added penalties for track cutting (when gaining an advantage)- Added option to hide steering wheel (in options.json)- Changed voti ...
New Version 1.0.10 Available
New in this release: -- Added high frequency force feedback effects- Reduced force feedback lag- Added Kerb VibrationsAs I have only one wheel (Logitech G25) it's difficult for me to set good defaults ...
New Version 1.0.9 Available
Hi Folks,Mostly just an bug-fix release, but with a couple of new features (lobby chat and small physics tweaks)Tweaked the default setupNew lobby chat in the join menu and online (http://onlineracing ...
Alpha Test Version Available
We are looking for Alpha testers to test out ORC.  If you would like to try ORC please join us in the Alpha Test Forums *NOTE* ORC is far from finished, but with your help you can help ...
Beltoy Park - Alternate Layouts Video
Hi Folks,We have been working hard recently on less visual things (security / UI / bugs), hence the lack of updates (it's not really a spectator sport). We have also got 8 track layouts for Beltoy Par ...
Beltoy Park Progress Video
Look - it moves  A couple of laps showing off the latest updates to Beltoy Park, a track created by our artist Nick Ovey.   More track updates to come in the next few weeks - we ca ...
Beltoy Park Track Update
 Hi Folks, Nick has been working hard on the Beltoy Park track.  It's starting to take shape, lots of work to do, especially as it currently doesn't have any shaders, but that will progre ...
Multiplayer Video
Hi Folks, Here is a video showing a full race between Ash and Gregor.  It was a close one, only 0.03secs separated them at the line. We are racing between Northern Ireland and Slovenia, so ...
Multiplayer Progress
 Hi Folks, We have been doing some multiplayer tweaking recently and have greatly improved the network smoothing quality.  We have had some great races, even with a bit of latency between ...

What is ORC?

ORC is a realistic racing simulator that is based on real world cars using a physics engine that was developed in partnership with a formula 1 team. This means that the simulator has been tried by a team of formula 1 engineers and tested by a formula 1 driver to ensure maximum realism.

It is currently under development, for development news, please click the news button

What are the important features of ORC?


The absolutely most important feature is the accurate, constraint-based Vehicle Dynamics Engine that has been developed by Dr. Gregor Veble.


The network engine has been developed to reduce the effects of lag in order to ensure close and fun racing


An advanced shader based lighting model will bring the models to life, helping you feel part of the action

Rankings / Achievements

There are a number of goals for your to achieve in your racing career, you will able to view your achievements and how you rank against your friends and rivals.  It will all be available without leaving the game!

When will ORC be available?

An alpha build of ORC is available to try now.  

Contacting Us

Please feel free to contact us by either email or twitter or facebook