What is ORC?

ORC is a realistic racing simulator that is based on real world cars using a physics engine that was developed in partnership with a formula 1 team. This means that the simulator has been tried by a team of formula 1 engineers and tested by a formula 1 driver to ensure maximum realism.

It is currently under development, for development news, please click the news button

What are the important features of ORC?


The absolutely most important feature is the accurate, constraint-based Vehicle Dynamics Engine that has been developed by Dr. Gregor Veble.


The network engine has been developed to reduce the effects of lag in order to ensure close and fun racing


An advanced shader based lighting model will bring the models to life, helping you feel part of the action

Rankings / Achievements

There are a number of goals for your to achieve in your racing career, you will able to view your achievements and how you rank against your friends and rivals.  It will all be available without leaving the game!

When will ORC be available?

An alpha build of ORC is available to try now.  

Contacting Us

Please feel free to contact us by either email or twitter or facebook